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Tony Croft (aka Anthony Croft) is a leading and long-established author of  textbooks for undergraduates. His publication list includes several books for undergraduate engineering students, and a more general text, Foundation Maths (6th Edition) for those embarking upon university courses in a wide range of disciplines including business, design, engineering, and science. A new (7th) edition of Foundation Maths will be published in Spring 2020 (see Pearson Education)


Tony is now Emeritus Professor of Mathematics Education. At Loughborough University he taught mathematics to engineering students and those on specialist mathematics degrees.  His research includes the development of mathematics support in UK Higher Education and the role of peer-support in undergraduate mathematics education.  Indicative publications are given below. For a  full list visit his pages on  the

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Engineering Mathematics - a foundation for Electronic, Electrical, Communications and Systems Engineers, Fifth Edition with Robert Davison, Martin Hargreaves and James Flint, published by Pearson in 2017. This book provides a very readable account suitable for first and second year students on engineering degree courses. Thorough coverage of Laplace, z and Fourier transforms means the book provides an excellent foundation for signal processing methods. There is a detailed introductory section on the discrete Fourier transform (dft) and the new edition includes a wide range of additional, modern applications in fields such as music technology and digital image processing.

ISBN13 9781292146652

Publisher's Website: Engineering Mathematics (Croft et al)

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Mathematics for Engineers Fourth Edition & Fifth Edition with Robert Davison. The fourth edition of this successful book, published in 2015, provides a complete and comprehensive coverage of all essential areas of first year engineering mathematics for engineering students in any specialism.  The fifth edition was published in 2019. It is student-friendly and readable throughout with hundreds of fully worked examples. There are interactive examples designed to engage the student in the learning process. An accompanying website is available which contains supporting resources for both students and lecturers. (Published by Pearson, 4E:  ISBN 9781292065939, 5E:  ISBN: 9781292253640).

Publisher's Website:

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Tony Croft's Foundation Maths Books in Print

Foundation Maths, Sixth Edition with Robert Davison, first published by Addison Wesley Longman in 1995. It has been written for the non-specialist who needs a solid introductory grounding in mathematics for his or her higher education course. It is user-friendly throughout and the mathematics is explained in words as well as symbols wherever possible. This  edition has links to on-line videos in which the authors work through examples and exercises. 

ISBN 978-1-292-09517-2.

Publisher's Website: Foundation Maths (Croft and Davison)

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