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Tony Croft:

Emeritus Professor of Mathematics Education,

Higher Education Consultant,
Lecturer, Teacher,
Author, and


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Forthcoming: watch out for the Fifth Edition of Mathematics for Engineers (Croft & Davison) being prepared now for publication in Spring 2019.

Recent publications

(Summer 2017):

Turlough O'Carolan - for the melodeon. Sixteen tunes arranged for the  D/G melodeon. YouTube videos are available with Tony demonstrating each of the melodies. Available from for £8.95 +pp. Click here.

Fifth Edition of Engineering Mathematics by Croft, Davison, Hargreaves & Flint. Click here.

Looking for our French Cafe Music -  Rendezvous ? - see


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Tony is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics Education at Loughborough University, UK. He has specialised in the development of university-wide provision of mathematics and statistics support throughout the UK. He has co-authored many university-level mathematics textbooks, particularly in the field of engineering mathematics. In 2011 he received the Times Higher Education Award, with colleague Professor Duncan Lawson, on behalf of Loughborough and Coventry Universities, for the provision of Outstanding Support for Students. In 2017 he was awarded the IMA Gold Medal (2016) for outstanding contribution to mathematics.

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Tony is also a keen musician, playing the diatonic accordion (melodeon). He is available for tuition and workshops, and performs French Cafe pieces as background music and for special occasions with the duo Rendezvous. 

A recent venture has been the development of interpretations of classical pieces in unique arrangements for accordion and melodeon and performed under the name Cadenza.

The image top right is the cover of Tony's  melodeon tutor book: Turlough O'Carolan for the melodeon - available in April 2017 from for £8.95+pp. Other  melodeon tutor books in the same series  are also available from amazon.



For links to syzygy, Rendezvous French Cafe Music, Cadenza and more see


For links to a wealth of resources for those students embarking upon university courses which require revision of mathematical techniques, and for those teachers, lecturers and support staff who try to help them see

To learn more about mathematics support activity in UK higher education visit the sigma network website.

Christina Croft: writer and historian

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For links to the historical and literary works of Christina Croft, especially the history of Queen Victoria and her relatives, see