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Tony Croft:

Emeritus Professor of Mathematics Education,

Higher Education Consultant,
Lecturer, Teacher,
Author, and


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Forthcoming: watch out for the Fifth Edition of Mathematics for Engineers (Croft & Davison) being prepared now for publication in Spring 2019.

Recent publications

(Summer 2017):

Turlough O'Carolan - for the melodeon. Sixteen tunes arranged for the  D/G melodeon. YouTube videos are available with Tony demonstrating each of the melodies. Available from for £8.95 +pp. Click here.

Fifth Edition of Engineering Mathematics by Croft, Davison, Hargreaves & Flint. Click here.

Looking for our French Cafe Music -  Rendezvous ? - see


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Tony is one of the leading university mathematics educators in the UK. He is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics Education in the Mathematics Education Centre at Loughborough University, formerly a director of the UK virtual mathematics support centre - mathcentre, formerly a director of the sigma network for university-wide mathematics and statistics support, and leading author of university level textbooks -particularly in the field of engineering mathematics. In 2008 he was awarded a prestigious National Teaching Fellowship by the UK Higher Education Academy. 

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Tony is a keen proponent of the diatonic accordion (melodeon). He plays traditional, European, French-cafe, classical, and original compositions on the melodeon.

He is occasionally available to run workshops and give individual tuition. For further details check out the syzygy music site.

University-level mathematics education:

Tony has pioneered the development of university-wide mathematics support in the UK

Tony is the author of several leading university-level textbooks.

Tony the musician:

Tony plays diatonic accordion specialising in French Cafe music, traditional, European, classical arrangements and original compositions.